VAT Consultancy

Vision Tax Consultancy is an Official Partner with Federal Tax Authority as Tax Agency with registration number 30000426.Our staff is well Qualified & Experienced in the area of Taxation, Auditing, Accounting & IFRS implementation, including an Authorized Tax Agent with (FTA) with registration number 20049003.
We assist with all VAT related advice and consultation, which includes the following:

    • 1. Application of protocols and controls for proper tax compliance

  • 2. Analysis of Value Added Tax on businesses in the country
  • 3. Development and application of VAT structure within the company
  • 4. Guidance on the documentation and information required
  • 5. Reviewing your business activity and transactions for VAT compliance
  • 6. Providing a standard data template (Input and Output transactions)
  • 7. Review and analysis of data and underlying documents
  • 8. Preparation and submission of all statutory reports
  • 9. Progressive training of personnel in preparation of Value Added Tax
  • 10. Restructuring of the entire supply chain, including processes, transactions, and supply chain
  • 11. Representing your Business in FTA for all Disputes Resolution
  • 12. VAT review & External VAT Audit

Tax Agent under UAE VAT
A Tax Agent is a person registered with the FTA, who can be appointed by a Taxable Person to represent him/her before the FTA and assist in fulfilling his/her tax obligations and exercising his tax rights. A Tax Agent can assist taxable persons to fully meet their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required in compliance.

What are the duties of a Tax Agent ?
The duties of a Tax Agent are the following:

  • 1. Assist Taxable Persons with their tax obligations as per the contractual agreement between the Taxable Person and the Tax Agent.
  • 2. Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained during performing his/her duties as a Tax Agent.
  • 3. Refuse to participate in any work or plan which may result in the breach of any Law by any person or which may jeopardize the integrity of the tax system.
  • 4. If and when requested by the FTA, provide all information, documents, records and data required regarding the Taxable Person he/she represents.